Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada
(April 9, 2009)

LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. to Deploy 1,100 LED-based Street Light Fixtures in Nova Scotia Pilot Project

LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. announced a large-scale pilot project in the Province of Nova Scotia. This is one of the largest LED street light demonstration projects undertaken to date in Canada and will convert 1,100 high pressure sodium street lights in at least 10 municipalities to LRL’s more efficient LED based Satellite™ series of fixtures. In addition to these municipal installations, the pilot project will also include the installation of Satellite™ fixtures at Halifax’s Stanfield International Airport and along some Nova Scotia highways. Pilot project partners include ecoNova Scotia and Conserve Nova Scotia.

The announcement of this multi-million dollar program was made during an event at LRL’s Amherst facility on April 8, and was attended by Premier Rodney MacDonald, Environment Minister David Morse, Labour and Workforce Minister Mark Parent and other officials and dignitaries.

Company President Chuck Cartmill highlighted the benefits of LRL’s technology and the substantial opportunities for energy and maintenance cost savings, as well as environmental benefits. "This [program] will help us partner with Nova Scotia municipalities to showcase this unique, green-friendly lighting to the world … and has the interest of potential customers in Canada, the United States, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and Panama."

This pilot project is expected to reduce energy use by more than 50 percent, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 288 tonnes annually. The Satellite fixtures have a 20 year design life, which is substantially more than the current 4-5 years with existing high-pressure sodium technology and this adds to the appeal of the technology.

Earlier this year, LRL announced a $4.2 million research, design and development program to provide wireless and wired control functionality for its range of street lighting products. This program will include dimming, switching, monitoring and networking of street lights as well as other devices.

LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. is a Canadian-owned and operated clean technology company that designs and manufactures energy efficient LED streetlights and adaptive control solutions. Our goal is to create positive environmental change through the development of future-proof products and sustainable technology solutions. Our LED luminaires are designed to provide on-going maintenance savings, long-term energy savings, and a short return on investment for our customers. Our environmentally friendly luminaires improve safety and lighting quality while reducing energy consumption, light pollution, and carbon emissions. On average, our LED luminaires provide 60% energy savings versus conventional technology. Our smart street lighting products are installed worldwide in more than 60 countries.