Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
(July 29, 2011)

Roadway Lighting Ltd Announces Major Installation in Edmonton

LED Roadway Lighting Ltd (LRL) is pleased to announce that the City of Edmonton, through electric utility Epcor Utilities Inc., has selected LED Roadway Lighting Ltd (LRL) street light fixtures for a mix of new and retrofit applications. The installation of 2,580 Satellite™ series fixtures (expected to be approximately 4,500 by year’s end), is expected to result in energy savings of approximately $2.6 million over the 20 year life of the fixtures. This represents a savings of approximately 51% over the conventional 70, 100, 150, 250 and 400 watt high-pressure sodium fixtures currently in use.

In addition to the energy and maintenance cost savings, it is expected that the installation will result in a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction of 12,880 tonnes over a 20 year period and save 16,000,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) in electricity usage over the same period.

The award comes after a pilot project, which began in 2009, and a formal tender and evaluation process. The evaluation criteria used by the City included verifying illumination levels versus requirements, fixture construction, installation requirements, energy consumption analysis, payback analysis, and CO2 reductions.

LRL CEO Charles Cartmill commented, “This project represents one of our largest deployments in Canada, and reinforces our message that municipal and other users are interested in reliability and are serious about conducting a total life cycle cost evaluation. Our market penetration is increasing rapidly, with more than 250 municipal and utility clients in 20 countries. We are very excited about the future, and for this current opportunity to supply our fixtures to the City of Edmonton.”


LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. is a Canadian-owned and operated clean technology company that designs and manufactures energy efficient LED streetlights and adaptive control solutions. Our goal is to create positive environmental change through the development of future-proof products and sustainable technology solutions. Our LED luminaires are designed to provide on-going maintenance savings, long-term energy savings, and a short return on investment for our customers. Our environmentally friendly luminaires improve safety and lighting quality while reducing energy consumption, light pollution, and carbon emissions. On average, our LED luminaires provide 60% energy savings versus conventional technology. Our smart street lighting products are installed worldwide in more than 60 countries.