Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
(September 27, 2010)


LED Roadway Lighting Limited of Halifax Nova Scotia new Satellite Series LED street light promises environmental and cost saving benefits.

Through a 1.6 million dollar purchase of 2,137 LED street light fixtures from LED Roadway Lighting Limited of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Halifax Regional Municipality is about to become the first major Canadian municipality to convert to LED street light fixtures.

Mayor Peter Kelly welcomed the move, noting the significant economic saving to taxpayers as well as the important contribution to the environment 

“With energy costs continuing to rise, this will allow us to cut our lighting infrastructure spending by as much as two-thirds over the next 20 years.” Mayor Kelly said. “As well, these fixtures will play a vital role in our continuing efforts to make HRM one of the greenest cities in North America.” The Mayor noted that Regional Council has committed to reducing corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 2002 levels by 2012.

LED Roadway Lighting’s LED fixtures were created to be an energy efficient replacement to the widely used High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Low Pressure Sodium (LPS), and Mercury Vapour (MV) street lights. “It is important to note that our fixtures consume up to 80% less energy while maintaining or exceeding the light levels of the fixtures they replace,” says Charles Cartmill, President of LED Roadway Lighting Limited.

Cartmill believes that his LED light fixture will revolutionize the way municipalities think about street lighting. “Most cities in North America are using fixtures that cost the end user exorbitant amounts of money,” says Cartmill and “We are confident that municipalities installing our LED fixtures will see huge savings in both energy and maintenance.

“Cartmill believes the entire Halifax Regional Municipality with 40,000 street lights could realize as much as much as $50 million dollars in energy savings alone over the 20-year design life. “ On top of that, there could be an additional and equivalent savings in maintenance.”

 In 2009, LED Roadway Lighting Limited and Eco Trust Nova Scotia completed an 1100 fixture pilot project in 19 communities across Nova Scotia.

"LED Roadway Lighting Limited and HRM are examples of how motivated Nova Scotia businesses and municipalities are finding innovative ways to help the environment while saving on energy costs," says Sterling Belliveau, Minister of the Environment for Nova Scotia.

The most widely used street light source in North America is the High Pressure Sodium (HPS) which typically casts an orange or yellow light. The potential savings is an investment that is hard for municipalities to resist.

“Nova Scotia now leads all other Canadian Provinces in the adoption of this environmental LED technology and for this the province of Nova Scotia as well as HRM deserves to be acknowledged for their vision and environmental leadership” says Cartmill.

LED Roadway Lighting Limited is part of the Cartmill Group of companies and was founded in 2006 with the goal of developing the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly street light in the world. The head office and design team works out of Halifax, Nova Scotia and the manufacturing plant is situated in Amherst, Nova Scotia. The successful launch of their Satellite Series LED street lights can be seen in over 200 locations across 9 countries.

LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. is a Canadian-owned and operated clean technology company that designs and manufactures energy efficient LED streetlights and adaptive control solutions. Our goal is to create positive environmental change through the development of future-proof products and sustainable technology solutions. Our LED luminaires are designed to provide on-going maintenance savings, long-term energy savings, and a short return on investment for our customers. Our environmentally friendly luminaires improve safety and lighting quality while reducing energy consumption, light pollution, and carbon emissions. On average, our LED luminaires provide 60% energy savings versus conventional technology. Our smart street lighting products are installed worldwide in more than 60 countries.