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Municipalities face increasing challenges in the current economic climate. Balancing a relatively finite revenue stream against the increasing cost of services that are demanded by constituents is a complex task.

The cost of a street lighting system is a significant portion of municipal energy budgets, in some cases, in excess of 50%. The cost of electricity is not the only factor. Maintenance costs also represent a sizable portion of the cost of managing a street lighting system

Municipalities are concerned about the state of public infrastructure, but are left with few feasible alternatives to deliver the services required at a manageable cost. In many cases, this also means that installation of energy saving equipment that will pay significant dividends in the future is postponed, thereby losing the potential savings over the long term because of current economic constraints. In the case of public lighting systems, many municipalities have considered removing or disabling street lighting assets, which raises concerns about public safety. There has to be another way.


Global Finance Solutions provides municipal and other end users of street and area lighting assets with a financing program that features competitive rates and flexible programs. Our team will assess your luminaire inventory, work with you to determine requirements and put together a comprehensive plan which includes lighting layouts, energy savings, return on investment and environmental benefits reports, and a financing plan. The end result is the ability to take advantage of the many cost saving benefits of LED street lighting now, within a manageable cost structure.