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TSP (Toolless Sensor Platform) is a new and innovative lighting control platform. Adding TSP to your lighting network is your gateway to the Smart City. Streetlights equipped with controls save you energy by using the precise amount of energy you need and accurately measures every watt used. In addition to controlling your streetlight TSP provides the ultimate platform for integrating Smart City sensors into your infrastructure.

TSP takes advantage of the vast network of streetlights. The ubiquity of streetlights allows for the placement of sensors just about anywhere. Streetlights provide all the necessary power via C136.41 standard receptacles, so there is no need to create new grid connections. Additionally there is no need for custom brackets and mounts, unlike traditional city sensors.

lrl lumenIQ tsp 


  • Automatic
  • Advanced Human Detection
  • Weather Resistance
  • Advance sensor possibilities
  • Failproof
  • Full remote management
  • Easy install
  • Notifications
  • Public Safety
  • Traffic Management